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Subscription Price One time fee of $39.50
Number of Listings  3000+ Updated Daily
Geography  Nationwide 
Types of Auctions  Listings to online and live auctions 
Customer Service  email 24hrs.


Free Search  Yes 
Auction Tips and Guides  Yes 
Purchase Direct  Yes 
Money Back Guarantee  30 day money back guarantee 


Publishers Description:

Those looking for government, police and state auctions are going to find what they are looking for at the AuctionPass website. As those in the know can tell you, the advantage of a government auction is that items are bought by paying only a fraction of the actual value. The items on offer include seized cars, seized boats and vehicles, and real estate. On the other hand, personal property items can be bought as well. These include jewelry, office equipment, and furniture. The AuctionPass website features an auction finder that lets you look for auctions in a specific State. In order to view the results, you have to register first. The registration fee and the procedure are concisely described in the relevant section .In addition to these services, the AuctionPass website also gives guidance on unclaimed money, explaining the most common unclaimed funds that can be collected by those who know where to look for.


Editor's Review:

Auctionpass is another website that will provide you with listings of government auctions in every state in the US complete with contact details, location, phone number, and website address. The website was easy to navagate and has a great selection of listings. Members are also provided with the results of past auctions which really made this company unique as this is not available with many others. Finding good deals on this site was very easy. Not as good as our #1 recommendation of Auction Resource but still a good site. Members will also receive a free auction tips ebook which comes in handy. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.



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"I dunno, it looks insane, and it sounds legit, but I have little warning bells going off for some reason"  Antsmarching Forum


"I've used it to buy jewelry and got a great deal"  Yahoo Answers


"It contains a lot of the same information that you can find for free but it would take someone months to find it all. For $39 I say go for it."  Yahoo Answers


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