Online Auction Auto & Real Estate - Can You Really Save Money?


There is a lot of hype going around when it comes to online auctions auto and real estate related. I can tell you from personal experience that there are great deals to be had but one must be careful when it comes to joining and online auction site.

Online auctions are great places for entrepreneurs and bargain hunters alike. Whether your someone looking to make money or save money, buying seized and surplus items through auctions can prove to be very lucrative.


Yes, it's true.

Contrary to popular belief, you can purchase cars, trucks, boats, houses, land, jewelry, electronics and more through seized, surplus and unclaimed property auctions. Some times at a discount of 90% of retail cost. But most of the time the discount will range in the 40%-50% range.

However, you must be very careful. We have tried out nearly every government and personal online auction site. In many cases, these sites were definitely not worth the money. Many of these websites have old, outdated, incomplete and incorrect listings.

Now for the GOOD NEWS!

There are indeed some auction sites that actually deliver on what they advertise. We recommended that you research and compare the different online auction sites on the following criteria.

1. Subscription Price: How much does it cost to join? Is it a one-time fee or annual renewal?

2. Number of Listings: Do they offer 1000's of listings or just a few?

3. Geography: Do they offer National, State and Local sources?

4. Types of Auctions: Do they provide links to online auctions as well as in-person auctions?

5. Customer Service: Do they have a customer service department in the event you have a question?

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